Visualising Emotions

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"Emoti shows the emotional state of the world through combined visual colours and audio, resulting in a beautifully chaotic representation of the emotional state of the world – or at least the twitterverse."

The Tech

  • Twitter API- Pulls in live tweets from Twitter Widgets based on keywords from a multilingual database tailored to phrases and slang terms used on the network.

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript- This data is used to animate different coloured divs (blocks) which are assigned to each emotion type on a webpage, creating a visualisation of the various emotions felt.

  • Audio- Conflicting audio tracks are assigned to each emotion and change volume intensity to reflect the data.

  • Raspberry Pi/HDMIPi- The webpage runs through a Raspberry Pi and displays on a HDMIPi.

  • Laser Cutting- Was used to create a rippling sculpture to represent the very same waves of emotion and conversation.

It's all open source on GitHub!

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"It’s both a marvel and a mess all at the same time; both beautiful and chaotic. Just like the emotions we feel and the complexity behind them."

The Emoti Dream Team

ui-02 Katherine Hudson

ui-01 Ian Black
Designer/ Developer

ui-02 Yasmin Curren
Developer/ Video Content Creator

ui-01 Bawar Jalal

ui-02 Milton De Paula

ui-01 Elizabeth Corbin
Designer/ Researcher